Get Cash for Your Ride

There is nothing more unsightly than a junk car. Dead, damaged, or just on its last leg, there is a way to move that unsightly bucket and get some money for it too.

Cash for junk cars guarantees removal of cars from your property and top dollar payment for your clunker. It doesn't matter if your car has been in an accident, sustained fire, water, or weather related damage, has cosmetic flaws, or just doesn't run like it use to. Whatever the problem, now you can rid yourself of it while getting paid for your time and trouble.

Cash for cars is a simple and efficient way of removing an eyesore at no cost to you. Your car still has value even when it no longer runs well or looks good. With this kind of recycling effort everyone benefits.

We are a car salvaging company. Our objective is to provide


  • 1. Call our reputable cash for "clunkers" dealer (US Junk Cars).
  • 2. Request a quote
  • 3. Provide basic information about your vehicle.
  • 4. Make arrangements (time and location) for removal. Same day service or 24 hour pickup is available in most instances.
  • 5. A technician will arrive at the appointed place and time to collect your vehicle. You will get cash for your vehicle right


  • 1. Remove all your personal belongings from the car.
  • 2. Remove license plates and return them to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • 3. If your car is registered, remember to contact your insurance company to cancel the policy.
  • 4. Be prepared to provide and sign over the car's title.

Have you heard the one about the old car parked in front of a museum? The car was so old that it was towed inside. As funny as that sounds, the eyesore that a junk car can be is not. Having a junk car can be a major liability and trying to get rid of it on your on can be time consuming and costly. We can handle all of that for you while saving you time and giving you money.